16 Week Pregnancy Update

Week 16 1

Week 16 2

Hello, boys and girls!

It’s week 16, and this is when I started documenting my last pregnancy because I had finally started showing. I definitely think my belly has grown since the last post I uploaded here. If it’s anything like last time, this is the part where I start to see big changes from week to week. Continue reading

12 Week Pregnancy Update

Week 12 1

Week 12 2

Boy, have I got a lot to fill you in on. Since this is the first update, I’d like to recap my first trimester. It’s been a doozy. As much as I’d hoped for a symptom free pregnancy, I didn’t get it. However, I know this isn’t forever and that I’ll get through it just like my first pregnancy that took me for a wild ride. Continue reading

You don’t have to be grateful.


I read an article recently of a mother who went through one of the worst horrors you can imagine. She conceived a child only to have him stillborn many months later. ┬áIn her post, she offered a suggestion to other new moms she knew stating that they should remember her when their baby is up at 3am crying for hours. She implored that they shouldn’t complain, but instead should be grateful for the newborn cries that she would give anything for. She asked that they not describe the struggles of breastfeeding because she would be left with milk in her breasts and no baby to feed. She went on to say how they should be grateful for all of the ups and downs that came with having a baby because hers had unfortunately died.

Years ago, I would have agreed with her. Continue reading