16 Week Pregnancy Update

Week 16 1

Week 16 2

Hello, boys and girls!

It’s week 16, and this is when I started documenting my last pregnancy because I had finally started showing. I definitely think my belly has grown since the last post I uploaded here. If it’s anything like last time, this is the part where I start to see big changes from week to week. Continue reading


14 Week Pregnancy Update

Week 14 1
Week 14 2

Let me start this off by saying it’s pretty interesting to be writing these updates while the world is still in the dark about the fact that I’m pregnant. For my last pregnancy, I announced publicly and then started writing about my journey here on this blog shortly afterwards. This time around, I think I’ll be closer to half way when I announce things. Perhaps Father’s Day when I’m exactly 20 weeks and know the gender already is when I’ll make it all known. We’ll see what happens because so much is up in the air about what life will be like in the world during that time.

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