12 Week Pregnancy Update

Week 12 1

Week 12 2

Boy, have I got a lot to fill you in on. Since this is the first update, I’d like to recap my first trimester. It’s been a doozy. As much as I’d hoped for a symptom free pregnancy, I didn’t get it. However, I know this isn’t forever and that I’ll get through it just like my first pregnancy that took me for a wild ride. Continue reading


I Guess I’m Pregnant!

Pregnancy Test 2

So, I guess we’re embarking on a new journey and sometimes it’s still hard to believe that I’m pregnant with baby number two. There are so many emotions that flew through my mind on February 27th as I saw the positive line show up after I peed on a pregnancy test. Let’s rewind a little bit so I can take you through the process of even getting to this point. Continue reading