“Mommy and Me” Style


Years and years before I had any children, I toyed with the idea of being the coordinated family. Part of me loved the idea of my daughter(s) being a mini me and our son(s) being a mini daddy. The other part of me couldn’t stand it. Now that I am a mommy, it’s become a mixture of the two. When we go out for a special occasion like church, parties, family date night, etc. we definitely coordinate our clothing, but on a daily basis, our style is usually dictated by the weather. Living in Southern California that means summer clothing for most of the year (Yay!).

I’m not a fashion guru, but I just wanted to share how I plan our family outfits. My choices are usually color, style, shape, or patterned based when it comes to pulling outfits so that it’s not too matchy-matchy. I tend to decide the night before the occasion what me and Petra are going to wear, then I set those clothes aside and hang them in my closet for my husband to see and then coordinate his look with ours.


Let me back up and say that it all starts with how we shop. Although we have a mixture of hand-me-downs and clothing that loved ones buy for our daughter, I still shop for her occasionally and the colors I go after are more neutral and fall in line with the colors I normally wear. Coordination often starts with Petra’s outfit since her options are a lot more limited, and I can usually find something in my closet to go with her items.

As you can see, nothing screams “We’re twins!”. It’s more of a loose coordination, and it’s fun to do. Sidenote: as a professional photographer, I cringe that iPhone photos are the only way I’ve been able to capture these last minute photo ops to share with you. I didn’t know I’d be writing a blog post about them, it was mainly for my personal enjoyment. Thanks for stopping by!

So, that’s that for now.  Be blessed and take time to make your dreams into your reality.

-Kytia L’amour


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