I’m a mom now, what do I wear?!


First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who read my last post about breastfeeding. I got over 2,300 page views and over 1,950 visitors in a few short days after posting it, so I’m glad I was able to be of some help to those of you stopping by. If there are any specific topics you’d like to hear about in the future, please let me know.


It took me a while to get motivated to dive into fashion after having a baby (about a year to be exact). A lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes will never fit again, so it immensely cut down my wardrobe by default. Trying to make sure I’m comfortable, stylish, and have access for breastfeeding is a lot to consider when getting dressed on a daily basis. I’ve never been the type to live in yoga pants, but I can definitely see the desire to do so when you’re usually too tired to figure out which skirt matches which top. My hope in this post is to encourage you and inform you of tips you can use when getting your flair back after baby (or even just finding your flair as a woman!).

My urge to purge my closet all started when I sat down to watch a documentary on Netflix called The True Cost. I thought it was going to be a depressing call to action about knitting your own clothes and wearing paper bags, but it was really a wake up call to make mature decisions as a person who cares about the planet, and as an adult who likes wearing clothes in public. The main revelation I took away from this film was the severe “throwaway” culture we have in this world, especially the U.S. I was definitely convicted when the interviewees went on about how we’re more willing to spend $50 on 10 t-shirts rather than buying one for the same price because then we don’t feel so bad about throwing it away or donating it if we no longer like it in a few weeks.

I felt guilty because my way of shopping up until a few years ago (who am I kidding, up until a few months ago) was to scan the sales rack and find things I kinda sorta liked and could fit into. Perhaps one day I’d actually wear it, and who could pass up that price tag!!! So I began the process of getting rid of things I no longer needed once I came to the realization that my overstuffed closet didn’t need more drawers, it just needed to be purged.

Enter a dozen or so bags of old clothing.


It was actually pretty easy to toss things into the giveaway pile once I went over a checklist of what to donate. First things were items I never wore or haven’t worn in a few years. Next, I went through items I will never fit into again after having a baby. Some of my favorite jeans and dresses died that day. (Cue sad music.) Lastly, and most difficult were the items of sentimental value that I no longer needed.

Now that that’s done, what do I wear?!

Soon after I made the decision to clean out, I came across this article from blogger mommy Denaye Barahona, and I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence. In it she describes how she got rid of her entire wardrobe in order to get out of wearing active gear every day. This was the first time I had ever heard of a capsule wardrobe, and I was highly intrigued to start my own.

A few days later my friend Lauren wrote a similar blog post about creating her capsule wardrobe for a summer internship. Her daughter is almost the exact same age as mine, so I could really use some advice from another mom who is chasing her kid all over town…and going to school at that!

After receiving the three confirming prompts via the documentary, a mommy blog, and my friend’s post it was time to get started on creating a wardrobe that wouldn’t get sent to a landfill in a few months. I wasn’t going to get rid of 90% percent of my clothes, and I also didn’t have school or work to get dressed for. I had to create something that worked for me. I’m a stay-at-home-mom, but I have a busy schedule where my family is on the go quite often throughout the week.

Enter Pinterest.

I’ve used that app for different occasions like nursery inspiration when I was pregnant, home decorating, planning my daughter’s first birthday party, and now getting a virtual closet together. I’m pinning outfits that I like and noting where there are trends. I began noticing that I clicked on multiple outfits with the same color palette, pattern, style, items, etc. From there I mentally checked off items I already had that I could pair with others, and I created a list of things I didn’t have but apparently loved. (I’m a huge fan of black clothing and striped shirts unbeknownst to me.)

Now when I’m getting ready or planning for the next day, I can simply scroll through my fashion board on Pinterest and find an outfit that works best with my itinerary. This is much better than staring at my closet and going through drawers while sighing. Women will understand that when you’re not in the mood to get dressed “we have nothing to wear!”.

Shopping has been such a pleasure when it happens these days. If it’s not on my list or in my budget, I don’t buy it. My husband will even say “Is there anything in here that’s on your list?” I think that’s so sweet because he’s joined in on my journey. I even have time to try on clothes in the dressing room now since I’m not hemming and hawing over every article of clothing in the store.


That’s me in the dressing room after finding a few things at H&M. I’m actually wearing a Pinterest inspired outfit there. A cool thing about H&M is that if you bring in clothing or fabric to recycle, they’ll give you a 15% coupon towards your next purchase. (This is how they make their conscious line. Way to go!) The photo at the beginning of this post is what I ended up buying after pinning the dress on the left. Not everything will be exactly like the inspiration photo, but it will have a similar shape, pattern, etc.

I donated most of my items to a thrift store, gave some to a friend, and sold a few things to a store called Buffalo Exchange. They buy gently used clothing that is still in fashion. I was able to sell a few things in exchange for a cool denim button-down and some nice jeans.

As a mom it can be easy to lose your desire to dress yourself when you’re so busy buying clothes for your kids who are constantly getting taller. I’m trying to be my best self for my husband and my baby girl. To be honest, I want him to have a smokin’ hot wife and I want my daughter to have a mama who presents herself well. Of course I want to look good for me too! To add to my life as the new me, I also dyed my hair a color that expresses my artistic and creative personality. It was a leap of faith because I hardly do anything drastic to my hair, but it turned out beautifully. If you’re thinking of trying a new style, I say go for it! You only live once.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on mommy fashion, or any questions you may have about this post.

So, that’s that for now.  Be blessed and take time to make your dreams into your reality.

-Kytia L’amour


3 thoughts on “I’m a mom now, what do I wear?!

  1. Lauren says:

    awww love the post! i empty my closet every few months and usually donate it to a friend who’s going to college and can’t afford clothes! and starting a few months ago, i purchase only good quality items that I know I’ll get lots of wear out of.

    and we’re hair twins now!

    • Kytia L'amour says:

      That’s amazing, Lauren! Your friend is so blessed by you sowing into her. I bet she is the best dressed in her class. Yes, we have awesome matching hair. It only took me like forever to finally dye mine. Lol.

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