Petra’s Birth Story Part II





The top photo is the very last picture I took while pregnant. My mom texted me asking if I had already had my baby without telling her and I sent that photo to her with a reply “Yes, mom. We totally had the baby in secret. Lol.” Then she joked about my old lady house shoes. The other photos are right after Petra was placed on my chest for skin-to-skin and then bundled off to the nursery. I know this sounds really vain, but I’m so glad I groomed–everywhere–and took a shower the day before Petra arrived. I would not have thought to do that while counting contractions and debating when we should go to the hospital.

When I last left off, I just got to my delivery room and met the nurse who would be taking care of me. I felt confident that things would go as I imagined them, but I wasn’t sure. I’m not an over-sharer, but I wish I would have known more about what actually takes place during delivery. That’s why I’m willing to share these things with those of you visiting this post. I will warn you, some of the content below will be pretty graphic, so if you’re squeamish, just stop here. I see you’re still reading, so let’s get on with it, shall we? Continue reading


Petra’s Birth Story Part I


(Above is the very last weekly bump photo I took while pregnant, and it was also the very day I went into early labor.)

Our daughter Petra is six months old, so I thought this would be a good–and very late!–time to go over our birth story. Oh yeah, her name is Petra. I just remembered I hadn’t shared it with the public on this blog yet. Was the wait worth it? She’s named after my husband’s grandmother on his mother’s side. When we first told his mom, she had a huge smile on her face and asked “How am I so lucky that you named your daughter after my mom?” I’ve never met Petra’s namesake and I don’t think my husband has either. There are a lot of names passed down in our families, but never from my mother-in-laws family, so we were happy to change that. Petra is the female version of Peter and it was actually very popular in the 1920’s. How glamorous. Continue reading