18 Week Pregnancy Update


My husband likes to call these entries my memoirs. I have to admit, it sounds a lot better than blog, but I don’t think I’m that fancy yet. Let’s just go with it though and say here’s to the continuation of my pregnancy memoir. Eighteen weeks and counting, the time sure is flying by. Just when I’ve posted a photo and another entry on this site, it seems like it’s time to do it all over again. I’m glad about it though because that means baby will be here before we know it and I’m definitely looking forward to that day! 

This week has been pretty low-key, which is great since I haven’t been feeling very well. Oh, second trimester bliss, will you ever come? Some days I feel more normal, but I still get overwhelmingly tired and have a constant mild feeling of nausea. Thank God it’s not like it was in the beginning though. I have to keep things in perspective so that I don’t get into the rhythm of complaining. I’m so very excited to be embarking on a journey that not every woman even gets the chance to experience. And it’s another huge blessing that I’m experiencing this with a supportive husband and family at a time where I feel ready.

There aren’t a lot of shows online about the process of pregnancy and birth, so I have to admit that I’ve been watching more than my fair share of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”. There are other shows out there, but this is one of the few that I’ve found on Hulu that show the girls’ pregnancy journey, the actual birth process, and how their life changes once the baby comes. I really wish they weren’t teens because it’s really sad to witness some of the situations they end up in, but it definitely does put everything in perspective and I’m always thanking God after each episode that I’m not going through this whole process prematurely.

Among other things, it makes me wonder what I would do if I had a daughter who got pregnant as a teen or if I was a teen mom myself. Some of these parents of the teens act like it’s the end of the world and completely abandon their children, which is unacceptable in my opinion. There’s definitely a difference in the outcome when supportive parents are involved. If I didn’t have that in my life, I have no idea what decisions I would have made differently, and I’m very grateful that my children will have that as well.

Besides witnessing other people’s pregnancy journeys through reality shows and social media this week, I’ve also found myself on Pinterest looking through nursery decorating ideas. I love unconventional decor, but there really isn’t a lot of that on there. I really dislike the idea of buying things for the sake of buying things and filling up a room full of furniture because everyone else does it. I do think there are certain necessities that a baby needs, but I don’t think I’ll be going overboard in this relatively new trend of sticking a baby in a room all by itself as soon as it’s born.

This is just my personal opinion, but if your baby is used to being wrapped up inside of you (in a very claustrophobic way), I don’t think they’ll be happy in a dark room all alone once they’re born. My mom co-slept with us kids, and that’s what I plan to do for at least the first few months with our kids as well. I’ll eventually have a room for our little babe, but I think this plan will abate the mad dash and major dent in the wallet to get a whole room together before baby arrives.

I wanted to share with you a few of the Pinterest items that peaked my interest. I’m still not sure exactly what I’m going to do, but I love the idea of a more eclectic and modern looking space that is kind of gender neutral and sophisticated.

ChangingTable EclecticNursery ModernNursery

My husband and I want the room to match the rest of our home, so it won’t be designed with the usual colors you’re used to seeing in a nursery. We gravitate more towards neutrals and earth tones. I love the idea of re-purposing furniture in a way that it’s not typically used because once an item is “for baby”, the price tends to skyrocket. We’ve already been blessed with some furniture our friends gave us that they no longer need, so I’m eager to put all of it to use.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings, I feel like this post was all over the place.

Age and size of baby:

18 weeks old, 6 inches long, 8 oz in weight.


I didn’t really have a lot of cravings this week. I still find carbs very attractive, but I haven’t sent my husband on any particular food runs lately.

Morning sickness:

I think I’m getting more in tune with what my body is doing as it pertains to the baby. Our little bundle had a growth spurt this week (so those legs that have been kicking got much longer and stronger). Because of this, I’ve been “down for the count” so to speak. The vomiting came back for a few days as well as the need for a lot of sleep.

Stretch marks:

No new stretch marks, but my belly is still growing pretty rapidly. This is unrelated, but I’ve been able to see my belly move when the baby is rolling around in there. Yes, it is quite weird.

Crazy hormones:

I only notice my emotions getting a little out of control if I’m hungry or tired. If I get enough sleep and get food in me fast enough, I’m pretty much happy.

Sleeping habits:

Usually, the little one likes to tap dance on my left hip when I’m trying to sleep, so I try not to sleep on my left side. Sometimes s/he will be more mellow and even take a nap with me during the day so I can get some good rest. I usually notice a burst of energy and movement in the womb after a meal. I think the baby has a “happy food dance” just like it’s mama.

So, that’s that for now.  Be blessed and take time to make your dreams into your reality.

-Kytia L’amour


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