17 Week Pregnancy Update


It’s amazing how my pregnancy has really started to prepare me and my husband for having a baby. I didn’t really think about it early on, but the more I talk about it with friends and family, I realize how drastic our lives have already changed. I figured they would, but there are so many things that parallel life with a newborn. This is an extreme statement, but sometimes I feel like a shut-in. I hardly go out because getting dressed and looking decent takes so much energy out of me. Just trying to settle my stomach in the morning and peeing every five minutes takes a few hours, and then I hope I have the energy to get out of the door and actually accomplish whatever plans I’ve made. I definitely dress for comfort instead of style and I am by no means a “preggonista” right now. (Yes, that’s actually a real term.)

My husband has been a real saint, and believe me when I tell you if I asked him to feed me, dress me, do my hair and makeup, and carry me around all day he would do it. I’m usually the one to cook and make sure things are tidy around the house, but that’s definitely been low on the priority list when all I can really do is lay down for most of the day. I’m sure that amazing spirit he has to help will come in handy when I have a baby stuck to the boob and he has to make sure I’m still fed and the house doesn’t turn into a garbage heap. And don’t even get me started on hygiene. I’ll leave it at that, I’m surprised my husband hasn’t run away by now.

I say all these things to say that I’m oddly grateful I haven’t had a symptom free pregnancy so far. I’m really counting my blessings, and it’s helping me to put life in perspective and go through a trial of the changes that will be coming this Summer. I sometimes joke that my husband won’t even be phased by spit up or poop from our child because he’s already seen me throw up on so many occasions. (No, I have not pooped myself.) I think baby puke is cute compared to a full-grown adult hurling up her last meal with eyes watering and nose running outside of the mall…or the parking garage…or the park…or the car.

I’m glad that I’ve gotten over the guilt of being helpless because I’m going to need some major support from my family when I feel way over my head. Hopefully this makes our transition a little less shocking because of all we’ve experienced so far. I’m sure other moms out there are laughing at me since I have no idea what I’m really in store for. If you are laughing and you’ve got a bit of advice for that transitioning period, I can haz?

Enough of the gross stuff, let’s move on to the freaky stuff. Remember my last post when I was all sentimental about baby’s little kicks? It’s been a week and this baby has grown in size and substantial strength already. I was reading a bunch of blogs and resting my iPad on my stomach with my knees up. I felt the baby moving around, but then I promise you it kicked the iPad really hard since it was pushing down on my uterus. I got a little scared. The only way I can describe the feeling is if you were alone in a room, and you felt something tap you on the shoulder. You’re supposed to be alone, so NOTHING should be tapping you. It kind of felt like that tapping hand was inside of my stomach doing that.

I seriously contemplated running, but wherever I run, I can’t get away from a baby in the womb. I said “Oh my god” and then my husband rushed into the room and I told him what happened. We laughed about it, but the rest of the night every once in a while there were still these big kicks and they were freaking me the freak out. No one besides my mother has ever told me they had similar feelings when experiencing the movement of their child. Maybe our imaginations are just too overactive. I think–days later–I’m more used to it now, but how do you get used to something that’s constantly changing? Lord, help me.

It hasn’t all been sick and freaky this week, there’s been plenty other things going on and ultimately, I’m still so grateful and feeling very blessed. Everything is on track and the baby is growing well with a strong heart beat. In three weeks I’ll have another doctor’s appointment and will also know the gender!

Until next time, here’s those updates:

Age and size of baby:

17 weeks old, 5.5 inches long, 5 oz in weight.


Last week it was beef, this week it’s been chicken. Can I have a drumstick with a side of chicken wings and nuggets and a chicken quesadilla on the side? Thank you. And can I also have potatoes in any form they come in: fries, tots, baked, mashed. Chocolate shakes also sound great, but please keep that fruit coming in truckloads.

Morning sickness:

Still feeling it mostly in the mornings.

Stretch marks:

No new stretch marks, but my belly is growing pretty rapidly now and the skin feels tighter. I’m also getting a little itchy, but I’m not sure if that has more to do with the extremely dry weather.

Crazy hormones:

I’ve cried a few times due to not feeling well…and also about being scared of the baby making its presence more felt. Other hormones have also been giving me some back and hip pain, but nothing too crazy. In good news, hair and nails have been growing strong and fast. I haven’t been able to have long nails in a while because they’d always break, but now I have to remind myself to file them down so I stop accidentally clawing myself or my husband.

Sleeping habits:

It’s kind of a 50/50 chance that I’ll get good sleep. I’m glad to have some nights where I don’t have to get up to pee five times and can stay asleep longer. Other nights just getting my hips in a comfortable position and trying not to lay on the baby makes it harder to get rest.

So, that’s that for now.  Be blessed and take time to make your dreams into your reality.

-Kytia L’amour


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